Body Transformation

Body Transformation 1

Crazy transformation of my client! In 6 months she could loose 17 Kg (37.5 lbs) and lower her bodyweight from 97 Kg (213 lbs) to 80 Kg (176 lbs). Amazing result, I'm very proud of her.

Body Transformation 2

Within 16 weeks this female client could lower her bodyfat from 22% to 16%. Her weight decreased from 65.5 Kg to 59.5 Kg.

Body Transformation 3

Check out this amazing body transformation! This female client could lower her bodyfat from 20% to 13.5 % within 12 weeks, weight decreased from 65 Kg to 55 Kg

Body Transformation 4

Bodyfat dropped from 13.5% to 9.5%, bodyweight remained barely unchanged (from 81 Kg to 80 Kg) which means that this client could gain a significant amount of lean muscle mass. Results achieved in just a months‘ time.

Body Transformation 5

Amazing Body Transformation! This client lost 30 Kg within 9 months and could lower her body weight from 95 Kg to 65 Kg, body fat decreased from 38% to 25%

Body Transformation 6

In the left picture this client was weighing 94 Kg (207 lbs), bodyfat 14%. Within 5 months‘ time his bodyfat dropped to 9.8% while his bodyweight remained almost unchanged with 92 Kg (202 lbs). So he lost only 2 Kg of bodyweight while his bodyfat percentage dropped by more than 4%. This is an amazing result!

Body Transformation 7

This client started working with me at the beginning of the year, body weight 85 kg (187 lbs) and body fat 23%. So now look at him!! His current body weight is 92 kg, that means he could gain 7 kg while his bodyfat dropped to 13.5% which is totally insane!! I'm very proud of him and I'm looking forward to bring his bodyfat below 10%.

body transformation 8

Amazing 4 week transformation!!! Bodyfat decreased from 19% to 13.5%, weight slightly dropped from 84 kg to 82.5 kg which means this client could drastically increase his lean muscle mass.

body transformation 9

In not even 3 months' time this client could lower his body weight by 13 kg (28.6 lbs) from 113 kg to 100 kg. Body fat dropped from 35% to 25% which is absolutely amazing. That's not the end, the goal is to loose 23 kg (50 lbs.) in total and I will get him there!

body transformation 10

In 10 weeks my client Y. could lower her bodyfat from 30.3% to 24.8%. Her Lean Mass increased from 43.2 Kg (95.2 lbs) to 45.2 Kg (99.6 lbs). This is an amazing result really well done. Again I'd like to state that there ain't such thing as a free lunch, you have to be dedicated and work hard for the results!!!

body transformation 11

Amazing Body Transformation of my client Bidi. In 13 weeks we could lower his body fat from 19% to 12% by dramatically increase his lean muscle mass. Amazing job, I'm proud of him!

body transformation 12

Amazing 12 Week Transformation of my client S.! You won't believe, but this Transformation happened with my Online Coaching. Online Coaching is the right choice for anybody that has a good amount of self-motivation to follow my advice in terms of training and nutrition.

body transformation 13

Proudly presenting you my 60th Body Transformation and it's really an amazing one! In 12 weeks my client Sebastian could achieve this outstanding result, well done so proud of you!!!


Bodyfat: from 16% to 9.8%
Bodyweight: 92 Kg (202 lbs) to 87 Kg (191 lbs)

body transformation 14

Amazing transformation of my client Bill.

Left: End of August 2015, Bodyweight 94 Kg (207 lbs), bodyfat 25%

Right: Mid of January 2016, Bodyweight 84 Kg (185 lbs), bodyfat 18%

Note that he is almost 60 so the metabolism tends to be slower than with young people. I'm so proud of him, that's just the beginning.