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"Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about."
Those words best describe my attitude and how I made it on the cover of several international fitness magazines.

Ready for your Body Transformation?

Getting in shape within 12 weeks? Let's achieve this together. In one year I could accomplish more than 70 successful body transformations. What is a body transformation? Results is the answer. As an Ex-Banker I've learned that in the end only results matter and that's my attitude when it comes to coaching you. Based on your needs I'll design a goal-oriented nutrition plan and coach you with professional 1:1 Personal Training Sessions or Online-Based Training in order to achieve your goals. The 1:1 Personal Training Sessions will be held in Zurich area and if you choose my Online Training Programme we will be working with skype, email or phone. Trust me, in my training experience of about 14 years I've seen very few people that were able to change themselves by themselves. Train with a pro to get results like a pro.

The Ultimate 12 Week Programme

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