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Marco Laterza

personal trainer zurichProfessional fitness model and personal trainer from Zurich, Switzerland
  • Marco Laterza, born on the 6th of August 1986, is orginally from Switzerland and has italian roots
  • Professional Fitness Model, Fitness Athlete and licensed Personal Trainer
  • Europe's most published Fitness Model 2015, 9x international Fitness Cover Model
  • Fitness Education: Charles Poliquin PICP Strength Coach Level 2, Charles Poliquin BioPrint Practitioner, Charles Poliquin Kinematic Chain Enhancement lower body, Charles Poliquin Advanced Programme Design, Dipl.Fitness instructor, Nutritionist, Cardio Trainer, TRX Group Suspension Trainer

Marco’s road to getting an international fitness cover model

From bank relationship manager to top athlete

By the looks of him, you could think that he’s never done anything else but train hard. It wasn’t after a serious setback, however, that Marco proved all those who didn’t believe in him wrong – including his physician.

Starting from scratch

Zurich, Switzerland. At the age of 16, Marco badly hurt his meniscus during gymnastics. His physician predicted he may never properly bend his knee or put weight on it again. “I was devastated”, he remembers. After being out for almost a year and despite all warnings, Marco didn’t give up and got himself a physical therapist that started him on free weights training. His knee improved, and his overall body responded so well that a new fire was lit. “At that time I already knew that if I could do it, I wanted to inspire others to become fit as well”, Marco adds.
Still, Marco pursued a career in banking and worked out hard during all his free time. He became a licensed personal trainer, nutritionist and strength coach. “I realized that the skills I’d developed in banking – listening to my customer’s needs, trying to put myself in his shoes and finding tailor-made solutions for him were absolutely key when working as a personal trainer”, Marco says. The fact that he is fluent in three languages (English, German and Italian) is another welcoming plus to stimulate his profession.

Dedication, determination and desire

These attributes best describe Marco’s will and persistence in pursuing his fitness journey. “Sport is my life. I want my clients to live a healthier life. Everyone is extremely busy today, but if you’re willing to invest the right amount of time, you can be fit no matter what”, he says. Marco knows what he’s talking about – he’s managed to train and look like a top athlete in addition to working full time, after a defeat that nearly ended his fitness journey before it had truly taken off.


One of Marco’s big goals in fitness since he started at the age of 18 was to become a fitness cover model. With all his dedication, determination and hard work Marco achieved his goal and made his dream come true. In June 2014 he lands a cover in the spanish edition of the famous Muscle & Fitness magazine. The Spanish version of Muscle & Fitness is available in Spain and is also in several countries in Latin America. "Muscle & Fitness" is very well known in the fitness industry. Almost every greater market has its own edition. The front page of the U.S. edition regularly features famous, healthy and fit Hollywood stars.


After his first international fitness magazine cover Marco was able to land 9 international magazine covers in one and a half years as well as many article features all over the world which made him become Europe's most published Fitness Model 2015. Marco has been the first European Fitness Model to land 3 Muscle & Fitness Covers and the only Swiss Athlete to land a US Cover for the Muscle & Performance Magazine so far.

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