Why vegan food is good for you

In this blog, I will explain why your diet should contain some vegan food. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to get vegan. The main goal of this article is to show you the benefits of an even more balanced diet that contains some vegan food.

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Acidosis – a society problem

If you’re mainly eating meat, fish and milk products, then you’re feeding your body with a lot of acid. Acid itself is nothing really bad. It’s important to have a proper balance in between alkaline and acid in the body. Since most of the population is consuming too little alkaline-containing vegetables and fruits, there is an imbalance resulting in an overweight of acid in the body.

Scientific studies have shown that acidosis can be involved in the development of cancer and other serious diseases.

Most of the vegan foods are alkaline or promote the production of alkaline in the body.

My top 3 alkaline-containing vegetables: spinach, zucchini, fennel

My top 3 alkaline-containing fruits: figs, bananas, raisins

List acid-loads of foods: Link

Advice number 1: Implement some vegan foods and increase the consumption of alkaline-containing vegetables and fruits, so that your body has a better balance of acid and alkaline.

Improvement of strength-endurance

 There are no scientific studies about it, but some indications speaking for it.

Like I explained in the beginning, you might have an overweight of acid in the body when consuming too much meat, fish and eggs.

Let’s say you train legs. On a certain point, you will feel the acid coming from lactic acid. You’ll feel the burn in your legs, you’ve reached the maximal workload.

If you start eating less animal products, you’ll have much less acid in the body.

As a result, your strength-endurance improves. It will take much longer until your body starts producing lactic acid.

Like I already mentioned, this statement is not based on scientific studies, it’s more something that I personally noticed. After 14 years of strength training I’m very sensitive when it comes to an improvement of performance.

Meat and fish can contain a lot of purines and uric acid

Meat and fish can contain a lot of purines. Purines are a type of chemical compound found in foods and drinks that are part of a normal diet. A small number of foods contain concentrated levels of purines, such as seafood, organ meats and alcoholic beverages, especially beer.

People who have trouble metabolizing purines, such as people with hyperuricemia or gout, are advised to limit consumption of these foods.

Foods with a lot of purines:

The following foods contain a lot of purines and should be consumed in limited amounts:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Deer
  • Pluck
  • Sausage
  • Fish
  • Soy products
  • Legumes
  • Skin of fish and poultry
  • Crust of meat
  • Smoked and fish and meat
  • Shellfishes and Crustaceans
  • Cabbage, Brussel sprouts, Spinach, Asparagus

If you have high levels of uric acids in the blood for a certain while, you should eat foods with low levels of purine and uric acid. The easiest way to do that is to reduce meat consumption or implement some vegan foods. I’m speaking out of experience. The impact on the uric acid levels is massive.

When started my vegan journey, I measured my uric acid levels before and after. After 16 weeks’ vegan diet my uric acid levels decreased by half.

Advice number 2: A vegan diet can help to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. Low uric acid levels are important when it comes to long-term joint health.

Meat and fish can contain dangerous bacteria and parasites

 If you never heard about it you might be surprised. Fact is that fish and meat can contain dangerous bacteria and parasites. Most of those get killed in the frying process. Nevertheless, there is certain rest risk. The most dangerous bacteria are E.Coli O157:H7, Salmonella and Campylobacter. E.Coli O157:H7 has even caused death cases.

The risk of an infection with those pathogens is much lower following a vegan diet.

Advice number 3: Meat and fish can contain dangerous bacteria and parasites. Increase the amount of vegan foods and opt for high-quality meat in order to reduce the risk.

New odors in the kitchen

 One of the main reasons why I went vegan some time ago was due to the fact that I got bored with the smell of meat and fish. There is also an explanation for that.

Imagine, you grow up eating fish and meat all the time. Of course, you can use various spices or cook it in another way, but after a while you get used to it. It’s nothing special anymore.

The vegan kitchen opens up the world to new odors. Personally, I really like Tempeh with its nut-like smell. I also like the various legume recipes.

Here is a good recipe for you:

Vegan Summer Breeze


  1. Prepare salad and tomatoes
  2. Peel papaya and pomegranate
  3. Slice the fermented tofu into small cubes
  4. Cook the yellow Quinoa for 25 minutes
  5. Prepare the kidney beans (use fresh organic kidney beans)
  6. Prepare salad dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, spice it with chives, dill, pepper and fresh rosemary
  7. Prepare salad
  8. Enjoy your meal!

Advice number 4: Once you got used to the odor of meat and fish, the vegan kitchen is welcoming change to new odors.

Vegan foods

Vegan Personal Trainer Marco Laterza


 Fermented product based on soy. Nutritional values: Protein 19g, carbohydrates 9g, fat 11g (per 100g)


Based on white soy beans. Nutritional values: Protein 8g, carbohydrates 1.9g, fat 4.8g (per 100g)


Vegan food similar to meat based on wheat or spelt. Nutritional values: Protein 28g, carbohydrates 2g, fat 2.5g (per 100g)


Contains quality plant protein. Foods: Kidney beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils, quinoa, amaranth, six-rowed barley, buckwheat

Vegan protein powder

Rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein

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