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Personal Training is originally coming from the USA. In the beginning, mainly the stars from Hollywood and models have been training with a personal trainer to get in shape for an event. Later on, personal training expanded more and more to the public, because people could see the benefits of training with a pro. In fact, results could get achieved much quicker when training with a personal trainer. Nowadays, personal training is a booming business all over the world.

Personal Training Zurich

Why do you need a personal trainer?

Well, that’s a good question which I’ll answer in this blog article. In those 16 years that I’ve been training so far, I found that 80% of the trainees could not obtain long-term and sustainable success. You can see a lot of people that always look the same even after various years of training. I’m basically talking about the body composition and not the health aspect. Would I be motivated long-term if my body composition wouldn’t change at all? Personally, after a while I wouldn’t be motivated anymore.

One of the advantages of working with a personal trainer is the fact that you can achieve visible results, if you have a good personal trainer. Let me go into detail here.

Quality of a Personal Trainer

In Zurich, there are a lot of personal trainers. As a matter of fact, there are only a few that are really good.

How can you see if a Personal Trainer is good?

  • Client success stories: the website or social media platforms are showing various before/after pictures where you can see visible changes in body composition. Other good testimonials are for example clients who could alleviate back, knee or neck issues following the given routine of the personal trainer.
  • Practical experience: the personal trainer is showing several years of experience in the field
  • Google reviews: another tool are the reviews on Google. Take a look at the rating and reviews.
  • Professional Website: the website is the business card of the personal trainer and should be professional.
  • Personal Trainer as main profession: there are a lot of personal trainers that are doing the job part-time which is not allowing them to fully focus on their clients.
  • Education: the personal trainer has completed a lot of educational programs over the course of the years. International education is also part of the CV of a good trainer.
  • Chemistry: that’s the most important part. Get to know your trainer in a personal dialogue and notice if he is really centering your needs. The worst thing you can experience is a trainer who puts himself and his interests first.
  • Professionalism: appointments are mandatory and the trainer is always showing up on time
  • Measurements: a good personal trainer is constantly measuring his clients in terms of body fat and lean mass to evaluate the progress.

Black sheeps?

You may ask yourself why I went that much into details when describing the qualities of a good personal trainer. Well, I have my reasons and mainly it’s because there a lot of black sheeps like in other businesses as well.

Like I explained in the beginning of this article, personal training is booming. That’s why the interest to get a personal trainer has grown over the years, but also the risks related to that. You won’t believe, but there are a lot of personal trainers that don’t have one single education. Mostly these are people that are well-trained who are deceiving potential clients to know something about it. As well on this list are athletes that just completed their first fitness or bodybuilding show who call themselves personal trainer. Those who know how their own body is working, don’t know at all how to coach different types of bodies. Everybody is different and that’s why an individual coaching approach is required. Furthermore, those self-called “personal trainers” are lacking the understanding on how to design training plans for clients with a medical history or other problems.

That’s why I give you the advice to always first check on completed education on the website and to ask for it if not existing. A personal trainer is a highly-qualified professional in fitness and nutrition. Everything else you should consider as a scam and forget about it.

Others advantages of working with a Personal Trainer

You surely know that feeling. You’d like to stay in shape and keep healthy, but your time schedule gets tighter due to family commitments, career and other factors. Related to that your eating habits change towards a more unbalanced and unhealthy diet. Appointments with your personal trainer are mandatory, so that you remain in shape and improve your health despite the given factors that I just mentioned above. Another advantage of working with a personal trainer is the fact that you’re saving time. Your trainer makes sure that you always train with perfect execution to avoid the mistakes that 90% of the people in the gym keep doing.

My experience with Personal Trainers

Maybe you’re surprised, but I also worked with different trainers in the past. Without all those great and critical inputs, I’d never be a 12-time Fitness Cover Model. At this point, I’d like to mention that I was always very selective in terms of choosing my trainers. The most important thing for me was always that my trainer knew much more than I did, that he always had time when I needed him and that he was always very critical. That’s why we kept perfectionizing exercises that were difficult in terms of execution and we engaged the best therapists to work with us. You can’t compromise when you’re a professional, everything needs to be planned through and the right people are working on the same target, namely to make their athlete one of the best in the world and keep him there. That is also true for amateurs. If you really want to achieve results, then I suggest you work with a personal trainer who fulfills the mentioned criteria. This will be the best investment in your health.

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