Simple and easy tip to improve your health!

Simple and easy tip to improve your health.

Meetings all day, short breaks and just exhausted after a day in the office. Do you know that feeling? Well, thinking back to when I was working in banking I can remember those moments. And then when you think the day is over to finally hit the gym you need to attend a client event, right? I got you!

Since there is no time for a workout in this situation, most of the people will then just head home skipping any kind of physical activity. I had many of those situations in the past, but still I was able to stay fit and healthy all the time. Here is a simple and easy tip, instead of just heading home and going to sleep implement the following workout routine. It just takes you max. 10 minutes. Perform as many Push-Ups and Burpees as of your age. So when you’re 50 that means 50 Push-Ups and 50 Burpees. I guarantee you’ll experience a better feeling having this done instead of skipping any kind of physical activity. That was one of my secrets to keep fit when used to work in banking years ago. The older you’re the harder the workout though.

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