Online Coaching – Get in Shape in just 12 weeks

If I had the knowledge and experience 14 years ago, my progress would have been even better and faster. Stop wasting your time in the gym and get on the right track now.

For who?

  • People with a good amount of self-motivation and determination
  • People with the right mindset – YOU need to want it as bad as you can breathe
  • People that can implement what I advised them to do in terms of nutrition and training
  • Preferably people with some basic training experience (1-2 years)

How it works?

First, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get some more information about your body stats, medical history and goals. After that I’ll do a body analysis to assess your current body fat and the type of nutrition that will work for you. Optionally, if I need more data to set up a strategy plan for your body transformation, further blood testing will be incorporated before starting the journey into a new you. You see, my attitude when working with clients is to be as precise as possible to make sure you and I are happy in the end. Doing things out your gut feeling was yesterday, my work is based on facts. That’s why I could transform so many clients and now is your turn.

Once we started our Coaching Programme, we’ll set up weekly check-ins. That means we will schedule a skype/phone meeting for 30 minutes every week. Every week you’ll provide me with a shape update that includes your current weight and pictures from the front, side and back. This will help to ensure your progress. Within those 30 minutes you can also ask me individual questions related to the Coaching Programme.

What is the minimum Coaching Period?

12 weeks or 3 months in total


240 Euro per month (total cost: 720 Euro)
CHF 275 incl. MwST (total cost: CHF 825 incl. MwST)

How can you apply for an Online Coaching Session with me?

Apply here: Coach Marco – Online Coaching

Payment method: PayPal


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