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Nutrition counseling is another important part of my personal training offering, because 70% of your success is based on proper nutrition. “Abs are made in the kitchen” – that should be your quote helping you to really bring your body in shape.

Nutrition Counseling Zurich

Nutrition should be practical

The most important element of nutrition counseling is that all nutrition plans should be practical. A very complex nutrition plan won’t do anything if you stop it after 1 week due to its time exposure. That’s why it’s crucial to really know the client’s needs and design tailor-made nutrition plans.

The most nutrition plans contain exact amounts of food intake, so that you know how many calories you’re consuming. It somehow makes sense to know those numbers in order to understand if you’re in caloric deficit or excess compared to your total calorie need (total amount of calories incl. sport and rest phase). A caloric excess makes sense when you’re going through a bulking phase whereas a caloric deficit comes into play when you’re trying to get more muscle definition. If someone is ready to dedicate more time into preparing and weighing the foods, then this is surely to option to opt for.

My experience shows that most of the people don’t have the time to do so. A concept that works with estimated food amounts and various menu options works much better for most of the people. The primary goal is to create the awareness for the proper type of nutrition so that clients know what’s good or bad for them and how to deal with nutrition when they’re taking part in social events. Nutrition is based on an 80/20 approach or in other words, 80% of the guidelines of the nutrition plan are being followed, 20% are a reward for being strict to the plan. Those 20% can be a cheat meal or a glass of wine at the weekend for example.

The goal of nutrition counseling is not make clients live like priests, but more to bring your body in shape with a sustainable, healthy and balanced kind of nutrition.

What type are you

Another area which is important when it comes to nutrition counseling is to know what type of nutrition suits you. Here we’ll figure out whether or not you support carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, fruits, rice, potatoes etc.) well.  Usually I can find the answer when checking on someone’s nutritional behavior and physical activity over the last 5 years. Elsewise I’m working with specific testing to figure out the function of the insulin.

I never do nutrition plans for clients based on my gut feeling. Everybody is different and that has to be taken into consideration when designing nutrition plans.

That’s one of the reasons of the various success stories that I have with my clients. Did I make you curious? Don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on my website or send me an email

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