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In this Blog article, I will give you some insights about my personal story. How I started as a gymnast and my way to a 19-time international fitness cover model.

How it all started

Originally, I was a gymnast until I had a severe meniscus injury at the age of 17 years.  Afterwards I had a rehabilitation phase of 9 months where I got in touch with fitness training for the first time. Initially I the pain in the meniscus area was coming back and I was afraid of training my legs with high intensity like I used to. I was lucky to have a great physiotherapist during my rehab who taught me to increment to impact on knee very slowly. So, I followed this step-by-step approach and after a while I could feel a significant improvement until I was ready again to hit my legs with full intensity. Meanwhile I could feel that my body was responding very well to the training and that I was progressing fast. As a result, I really started to enjoy every gym session and I developed my passion for it. I wanted to know more about and decided to get a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist during my time in academic high school.

Career as a bank relationship manager

Despite my passion for fitness and the certifications that I had back then, I decided to start an apprenticeship in banking. I already knew that someday I would turn my hobby into a profession, but first I wanted to create a good foundation with my banking career. Since I like working with people I decided to get a relationship manager in private banking for a big player in banking. Despite my intense work as a relationship manager and several client events, I managed to still keep up with my passion for fitness and so I was training 8-10 hours per week over years. It certainly required a lot of organization to do everything. The key to success was my high efficiency in banking and in the gym.

Furthermore, I was using my holidays in banking to complete several elite education programs in the USA, England and Spain. My mentors are the worldwide known coaches Charles Poliquin (, Wolfgang Unsoeld ( and Alan Aragon ( Thanks to all those education programs and also my long experience as an athlete I could maximize my knowledge enormously over the course of the years.

The restroom meet-up at the FIBO

Already when I was in banking a lot of people could see my potential as a fitness cover model. That’s why I started modeling in my free time with Swiss photographers and evolved my dream of becoming the first Swiss on a cover of a very well-known fitness magazine. Having a dream is a great thing. Achieving it is another pair of shoes. There were also a lot sceptic people who told it’s impossible to achieve this coming from such a little country like Switzerland. Scepticism didn’t stop me from believing in it and I started reading a lot of books about success psychology. That changed my way of thinking and I knew it was possible if I had the right platform to show my potential. What does that mean?! I knew I had to show up on an event where the important people of the scene were meeting up. That’s why I started preparing myself for the FIBO 2013 (one of the biggest fitness events worldwide) to present myself in the best possible shape.

My goal was to get as much attention as possible and that’s why I attended the event topless. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but in the restroom, I met the publisher of a big international fitness magazine. He told me I should come to Los Angeles to do some shootings there. Nobody talked about a cover back then. Nevertheless, I was very impressed of having met him, I was a bit speechless.

Trip to Los Angeles   

Some months passed and I decided to take 3 weeks off my job in banking to start my trip to Los Angeles in November 2013. One of my best friends Michael Bachmann accompanying me on this trip. So, I had my first shootings and the feedback was amazing. A lot of photographers started to compare me with the fitness legend Greg Plitt and told me I had great potential. They really liked the fact that I had those deeply shaped symmetrical abs which is kind of rare. One of the photographers told me I would get my first cover in a few months’ time.

Michael and I were continuing our trip to San Diego and we were constantly talking about the shootings. When I asked Michael if he thought I would land my first cover he was sceptic about it and thought this might not happen. For both of us this scenario was very surreal, but somehow, I kept believing in it. Another 7 months passed and in June 2014 I finally had my first cover for Muscle & Fitness – one of the most-known fitness magazines worldwide with 7 Mio. readers. The Joy and happiness that I had on this particular day is indescribable.

The breakthrough and my way into self-employment   

My first cover had such a great impact that my name was very well-known on social media within short time. Afterwards I had a lot of requests for personal training and started coaching people next to my full time job in banking. Since my approach was based on result-oriented Personal Training, my clients could obtain fast results and I got a lot of referrals. The request for personal training was that high that I was thinking of getting self-employed. So, I stopped working in banking and got self-employed from one day to the other. I’ve been self-employed now for 3 years and I don’t regret this decision at all. I wake up every day knowing that I can do my passion for a living and that is a great feeling. Helping others getting in shape and feeling healthier in their jobs is what I like most about my job.

19-time international fitness cover model

In the beginning, I could already be very happy with 1 cover. To my own surprise the journey went on and I could land 19 international covers so far. 2015 I was the most successful fitness model in Europe.

All your dreams can become reality unless you really believe in it and have the courage to constantly pursue them.

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