How can you reach high goals and motivate yourself?

In this Blog I’m going to answer that. The most important thing to stay motivated is that you always set new gaols. That’s why I’ll talk about goal achievement in the first part. In the second part, you’ll get some practical advice on how to stay motivated.

In the past, I was always making sure to learn from people with a lot of practical knowledge. Imagine your goal is to land 12 international magazine covers. Sounds ambitious right? That’s what I was able to achieve and only a few people out there understand on what level I had to motivate myself over the course of the years. In this blog you’ll get to know all those secrets of motivation.

12 Time International Cover Model

Do you have what it takes?

First of all, you should ask yourself whether or not you do have the potential to achieve a certain goal. I’m not talking about talent here. You don’t necessarily need to have the talent for a goal. It’s more about willpower and willingness to do more than what is required.

Talking about myself I can tell that I had good, but not the best requirements. The question about the requirements I could answer with a yes though. On the other hand, I knew that I had to give a lot for it.

Ambitious goals have a price

Practically spoken that is really true. No matter if Pro Soccer, Professional Fitness Model or a future CEO position in a global company – in real life there are no lucky punches. In other words, you need to put your goal in first place and everything else has less priority.

I’m talking out of experience. When I knew my goal, that was my total priority. While a lot of my colleagues used to go out or took a vacation, I was focussing on my sport. Going to bed punctual, no alcohol, perfect nutrition und trying to improve on every single workout came first. I was also waiting in chosing a partner until I achieved my goal.

I could also make it look easier, but I want you to really know what it takes to achieve high goals. Professional sportsmen that are reading my blog surely agree on what I’m saying here.

Clearly defined goals

Thats where most people fail. Let’s say, you’d like to get a professional soccer player. I know a lot of young men that are following this dream. Most of them don’t know their future team and position. The correct way of having a clear goal would look like this: „on 3rd January 2019 I will start my pro soccer career as an offender playing for FC Zürich“.

It works similar when you try to loose weight. „I want to loose weight is not a clear goal. Correct: „Until 31st December 2018 I will loose 10 Kg and my Endweight will be 70 Kg with a bodyfat percentage of 10%.“

I think you realized now the difference between specific and unspecific.


A goal should always be visible in pictures, so that you have a clear idea of what your goal is about. I edited the covers of my idols in photoshop and replaced them with my body. Afterwards, I placed those virtual covers of myself all over my apartment and it got my new wallpaper. That’s how I started to get obsessed with that goal. Of couse obsessed in a healthy way.

If I were an ambitious soccer player with the goal to get a pro, I’d have done the same. Best would be then to use the shirt of your future team when applying this technique.


Personal Training Zurich

The goal is to perfectionize your focus. Mental preparation plays an important role in it. Learn to always go through the key moments of your training, set goals and write them down.

I always prepared my training plan prior to every training and write down the goal weights. My goal was to always improve the weights in every workout.

If you write down the weights when your training has already started, you are not well-prepared and did not visualize your improvements during the mental preparation.

„Who fails to plan, plans to fail“.

Motivation requires positive thinking

Try to always see the positive aspects in every situation. I also had times in the past, where things didn’t work out the way I planned them. Nevertheless, there were always positive aspects in every situation.

Last year, I had a shoulder injury. Mentally it’s never easy to cope with injuries. Instead of frustrating myself over the fact that I couldn’t train my upper body for at least 3 months, I focussed on other areas. So I still kept training my legs and focussed on other business projects. Furthermore, I could find the reason of my injury and make a learning out of it.

Failure should never frustrate you. Take it as a chance to learn and get better.

Variation of your training

Like I said in the beginning, your motivation hardly correlates with you achieving your goals. Due to the fact that your body is able to adapt quickly to a certain type of muscle stimulation, it’s crucial for you to variate your training. Change your training regime every month and opt for exercises which you haven’t done in a while or not at all.

Usually your least favourite and weakest exercises are those that lead to progress. So keep investing in those and I promise you’ll feel a progress bodywise.

Train with a training partner or a personal trainer

Training Partner Marco Laterza

Training partners can also help to keep your motivation high. Look out for someone who is better than you. This will make you grow outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to always give your best.

Otherwise contact a great personal trainer, who helps you reaching your goals faster. A coach is mostly a safe choice whenever you’re not able to motivate yourself anymore.

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