Body Transformation

A body transformation is a substantial change in body fat and lean mass within a given time range. When comparing before and after pictures you can clearly see a difference. As you can see in the testimonial section there are no limits when it comes to age.

Resultoriented Personal Training

The word body transformation implicates that the focus is obtaining results. One of my principles is that I don’t want to waste my time and the same goes for my clients. Our time is limited and should always be well invested. That’s why my philosophy is based on resultoriented personal training which means I’m specialized in body transformations and measure my success on my client’s results.

A successful body transformation results in a drastic reduction of body fat and increase of lean mass.  To evaluate the success before and after pictures as well as the bioprint method to measure the bodyfat and lean mass are being used.


Bioprint Skinfold Caliper

The bioprint method measures 14 skin folds from head to calf and tells not only more about the body fat percentage and lean mass, but also about the hormonal status, your health in general as well as the ability to deal with stress.

A good hormonal status is essential for your performance in daily life and training, stimulates muscle growth and fat loss and leads to healthy processes in the body.

Various factors such as environmental pollution, bad nutrition, stress, sleep and life habits can create a hormonal imbalance.

The skinfold on the back for example indicates whether or not you’re supporting carbohydrates well.  Skin folds on your legs shows your sleep pattern and the status of toxicity your body. Further bioprint measurements give information about your thyroid function and the effectivity of your sexual hormones. Fortunately, imbalances shown in the bioprint measurements can be resolved with adequate coaching and supplementation.

The bioprint method is the foundation to document every body transformation and acts as a motivational tool, since it tracks client’s progress based on precise measurements.

Client Story

In the past 3 years, I had several successful body transformations. In this blog article, I will show the story of my 60-year old client Bill Walton. The reason why I’m showing his story is the fact that it’s way more difficult to transform a 60-year old client than a 20 or 30-year old man.

Bill and I get to know each other in the gym. He has been training for some years and was experiencing a plateau with no further progress. When showing him my coaching approach as well as the vision of his own body transformation, he was excited and we started our collaboration. To start with I implemented several changes in his diet, since his insulin was not working optimal. Furthermore, I changed his training plan so that he could stimulate more his metabolism.

In 4 months, he came back in shape. His initial bodyweight was 94 Kg with a body fat percentage of 25% and at the end of it he was weighing 84 Kg with a body fat percentage of 18%.

Are you ready for your Body Transformation? Don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on my website or send me an email .

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