Training with a Personal Trainer

Personal Training is originally coming from the USA. In the beginning, mainly the stars from Hollywood and models have been training with a personal trainer to get in shape for an event. Later on, personal training expanded more and more to the public, because people could see the benefits of training with a pro. In

The Ultimate 12 Week Programme

With this programme you will get instant access to the following areas: Three different workout splits for 12 weeks, divided in different training phases (according to your goals, etc.) Workout videos to all exercises (over 80 different exercises) Various nutrition plans with different caloric intake, according to your goals and bodytype (fatburning, muscle building, etc.)

New Leg Workout on Youtube!

Hi there, I’m glad you made it again to my blog. Strong legs are the base of every athlete! Who wants to have skinny legs and great upper body?! You got it. So here is my workout: A) LEG EXTENSIONS ON AIR PRESSURE MACHINE- ISOMETRIC HOLDS FOR 40-50 SECS / 4 SETS B) LEG PRESS


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