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Marco Laterza, Personal Trainer, Zurich

Marco Laterza

  • Born on the 6th of August 1986
  • Swiss with italian roots

"From Banker to Personal Trainer" – quite a transformation

It started when I was a gymnast. At the age of 17, I’ve torn my meniscus and I was out of training for several months. With my irrepressible will I was able to fight myself back, my knee improved a lot and I got pain free. During that time, I developed my passion for fitness and nutrition.

I knew that one day I’d turn my passion into a profession. Nevertheless, I pursued a career in banking after high school and worked several years as a relationship manager in private banking for one of the big players. For years, I sacrificed my holidays to successfully complete various international elite education programs in training and nutrition.

At the end of 2013 I got discovered as a professional fitness model and landed on the cover of muscle & fitness – one of the most-known fitness magazines worldwide. In the following years, I landed 18 further covers of prestigious magazines worldwide. Due to the years of experience that I’ve had as a professional athlete as well as all my acquired knowledge, I could accomplish a lot of great success stories with my clients which allowed me to get self-employed as a personal trainer in the beginning of 2015.

Sharing my knowledge with others and helping them to achieve their goals is what I love most about my job.

 Read the whole story here.

Marco Latzerza: Covers
  • Professional Fitness Model
  • Fitness Athlete and licensed Personal Trainer
  • Europe's most published Fitness Model 2015
  • 19 x international Fitness Cover Model
  • Dipl.Fitness instructor
  • Nutritionist
  • Cardio Trainer
  • TRX Group Suspension Trainer

Fitness Education

  • Charles Poliquin
    • PICP Strength Coach Level 2
    • BioPrint Practitioner
    • Kinematic Chain Enhancement lower body
    • Advanced Programme Design
Health isn't everything, but everything is nothing without health.


Coach Marco - Online Coaching

Sculpt your dream body

12 Week Package

600 per month (recurring)
  • Initial consultation:
    Body & hormonal analysis
    Define main and partial goals
  • Customized workout, nutrition and supplement plan
  • Exercise videos with explanation of how it should be optimally performed
  • Monthly adaptation of your training and nutrition plan based on your current progress
  • Weekly Zoom Calls with shape check-ins and progress monitoring of nutrition, training and mental health
  • E-Mail Support with a reply within 48 hours
  • 1 Live Workouts with Marco laterza from the 360 - degree studio

Personal Training

Leading Personal Training in Zurich delivering results and no empty promises.

In a personal consultation, we will talk about your needs and develop an individualized Personal Training. No matter what kind of goal you have, muscle gain, muscle definition, functional training, cardio training, outdoor training or pregnancy training – let’s achieve it together.

Strength Training

An effective, individualized strength training is the foundation of my coaching. I’ll motivate you to maximize your progress in every training session and make sure that every exercise is performed with perfect form. Your training plan will be adapted on a monthly basis so that your muscles get stimulated in a new way. This ensures your progress at any time.  More information

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is another important part of the personal training, since nutrition contributes around 70% to your success. All nutrition plans are individual and based on your body type and needs. “Abs are made in the kitchen” – this should be your motto when it comes to bring your body in shape.  More information

Body Transformation

My focus when working with you is your body transformation. That means my mission is to excite you with a substantial before and after result. The goal of a body transformation is to work towards efficient fat loss as well as lean muscle mass gains within the shortest period of time using the Bioprint Method. The Bioprint Method is a great motivational tool that helps us tracking your progress in terms of body fat and lean muscle mass by measuring 14 skin folds.  More information

This is what I offer:

  • Goal-oriented, tailormade Personal Training Sessions / Body Transformations
  • Body transformation guide
  • Integrated coaching concept providing customized training- and nutrition guides
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Endurance training
  • Pregnancy training and post natal shape up training
  • 12-week intensity summer transformation programme
  • Motivational coaching : Your strongest muscle & worst enemy is your mind. Train it well, because limitations live only in your mind


  • Various gym locations in Zurich
  • At your place (office or at home)
  • Outdoor
  • International / Abroad availability: Only upon special request


Testimonial Image

In 6 months I could loose 17 Kg (37.5 lbs) and lower my bodyweight from 97 Kg (213 lbs) to 80 Kg (176 lbs).

I’m so happy about the result.

Testimonial Image

In 4 months Marco and I were able to get me back in shape. My starting weight was 94 Kg (207 lbs) / bodyfat 25% and now I’m 84 Kg (185 lbs) / bodyfat 18%.

I’m so happy to work with Marco, since my business schedule is so busy that I can't make it to the gym on my own.

Testimonial Image

In 13 weeks Marco could bring me in the shape of my life! I never believed this was possible, but Marco and I did it! My lean mass improved a lot while I could lower my bodyfat from 19% to 12%.

Thank you Coach!

Testimonial Image

As a TV presenter I need to look good in front of the camera. I really enjoy training with Marco, it’s tough though but I always feel energized after I trained with him.

I can only recommend him as a coach!

Testimonial Image

In just 5 weeks my body got toned the way I really like it. This was a great teamwork in between my coach and me.

Thanks Marco!

Testimonial Image

In just 1 month I could lower my bodyfat from 13.5% to 9.5%. My bodyweight remained at 81 Kg (178 lbs) which means that I could lower my bodyfat without losing muscles.

Coach Marco is such an amazing guy.



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